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Hi, Oisin O Callaghan here, I am a big fan of the Dirt Fund Project. As a racer starting out I know how difficult it can be to get support, I think the Dirt Fund Project is something that the sport has been missing for a while and I wished it was there when I started. And excited to see how it helps other racers.
— Øisin Ø Callaghan ®️ @the_yt_mob ⚡️. 2020 UCI DH Junior World Champion ♛. @tld_bike @oakleybike 💎 01 Feb 2021
With so many fast riders these days it’s hard to stand out in some cases, and if you’ve got the talent and determination but your bank account is holding you back it can seem like an unfair battle.
Having guys like The dirt fund project is such a positive opportunity to support those young riders take that one step closer to reaching their goals and dreams 🤘
— Chris Kovarik🤘 #Karver 🗡🗡🗡🏴‍☠️🍻🇦🇺 MTB Athlete/Coach. Intense Cycles/ Magura/ Fox/ Fox Head/ Chromag/ Five Ten/ Smith/ E.13/ Clif Bar. #slidewayzsaturday 🤘 stfubike.com 12 Jan 2021
I first heard about the dirt fund project when Irish rider Harry Byrne announced he was being supported by them. After a bit of research I found out that they were a group of like minded individuals that wanted to give back to the mountain biking community.This really resonated with me as I’ve had special people help me along the way in becoming a pro. It’s not an easy journey for most but having a community behind you makes all the difference.Massive respect and a big thank you to everyone involved in the dirt fund project
— Dan Wolfe 🐺 @ur_team @polygonbikes @fsa_mtb @wildernesstrailbikes 12 Jan 2021
As a privateer you work your ass off to earn the money to buy bikes, kit and spares then spend the rest travelling out to the races. It’s super challenging and presents a real barrier to succeeding in your sport. Every little helps and this fund will help a lot!
— Ben Cathro @Pinkbike’s racer for #WalkTheTalk/#Privateer Mountain bike racer/coach/video maker with all the gear and a moderate idea 10 Jan 2021
I would have give my left arm to have something like this when I was a full time privateer renching out of the back of my van in foreign country’s. Fair play lads
— Kelan Grant | Athlete | Professional push bike rider for ChainReactionCycles Mavic Enduro 08 Jan 2021
This is class, fair play to @thedirtfundproject for helping out the privateers!, donate and help the next lucky rider!
— Greg Callaghan Irish | Enduro mountainbiker racing for @uniordevinci & @redbullire 11 Dec 2020
The Dirt Fund is an awesome project, there’s a lot of hard working and talented riders in the UK and Ireland, who are lacking the financial backing to make it to the races to show what they can do! This is a great way for people to be able to lend a hand to those who could do with a little help on their journey!
— Joe Connell - Mountain Bike Racer, MTB Skills Coach, @Joe_connell 10 Dec 2020