Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we support?

Privateer Mountain Bikers from the U.K. and Ireland, who race in the Enduro World Series or World Cup Downhill

What is a Privateer Mountain Biker?

A Privateer Mountain Biker is one who does not have a full factory team support, so in essence they are supporting all costs themselves or with some local support they have managed to raise

Where did the idea of thedirtfundproject come from?

A shared WhatsApp video of Ben Cathro helping privateers in Maribor in 2020 started a conversation on how we could also help out. Literally 24hours later we bought the domain name and kicked off thedirtfundproject

How many Privateers will you support & how do you choose who to support?

We hope to start with 5 privateers in 2021 which will be an exciting start for us. We already supported 3 privateers Calum Mcbain @mcbainer_ from Scotland, Harry Byrne @harryj.byrne from Ireland, and Fergus Ryan @fergus_ryan93 from England. We are crowdfunding on justgiving to grow the pot of cash for the so that we can support 2 more riders one from Wales and one from Northern Ireland for the 2021 Season.

The minimum requirement is that the privateer must be from the UK or Ireland and must be racing in either EWS or World Cup Downhill. As we grow we hope to bring some mountain bike legends on board to help us choose the next privateers we support.

Why donate here ? shouldn’t I just give my own money to a privateer that I know?

If you know a privateer that you can help, please do.

This fund is for those of us who are mountain bike enthusiasts who don’t know a privateer personally but want to help support those racing in the sport we love. We aim to support each privateer with a meaningful sum of cash 1000 GBP/Euro.

What percentage of my donation will go to the Privateer?

100 percent of your donation fee minus justgiving platforms cut, will go to a privateer. This is a non profit fund.

What do I get in return for my donation?

A warm fuzzy feeling (not guaranteed)

How are you funding this effort, webpage, administration?

Our time is for free, website and domain costs we have initially covered from our own cash. Our vision is that sales of a limited amount of merchandise will fund website maintenance and domain costs in the future.

Will you support more grassroots racers in the future?

We really do plan to grow this fundraising effort, and expand who we can offer support to. But for now we will focus on EWS & WCDH Privateers.