Mudhugger Front Evo Bolt On Fox Mudgaurd

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100% of this purchase goes to funding the next rider!

Jamie and Bruce over at @mudhugger2 @themudhugger HQ have hooked us up with bunch of  limited edition, and when we say limited, we mean limited.
Just 18 of these bad boys available. 
Mudhugger EVO Bolt On For FOX with a Limited Edition DirtFundProject Decal supplied straight from the boy's factory!
We only have 18 (to be fair to J&B  sent us 22 - but they are so cool we bought 4 of them ourselves - so we already have 160Euro in the pot).  
We will need you to dig into your pocket and donate 45 Euros (majority of this will go to the pot for the next privateer -( We will loose a tiny amount on postage). - Yes the next privateer, were thinking we should try support one more this race season - who do you think we should support, another female rider ? Another downhill rider? Another enduro rider ?
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